The activities will be managed by two different working groups according to the main field of innovation:

Task 1

  • Analysis and check up of the supply management system in use
  • Identification and implementation of the improvement solutions through the integration of software and hardware devices
  • Introduction of a monitoring and tracking system (GNSS base), starting up an operation center that checks in real time vans, trucks and travel parameters
  • Integration of the tracking and monitoring system in the tool and software in use in the companies involved


Task 2

  • Study and analysis of the commercial and productive relations in the agrifood chain
  • Editing and sharing of contractualization models more suitable for the companies involved
  • Introduction of budgeting and management tools
  • Training and coaching

PSR per l’Umbria 2014 – 2020 – Misura 16 – Sottomisura 16.1
“Sostegno per costituzione e gestione Gruppi Operativi dei PEI in materia di produttività/sostenibilità dell’agricoltura”
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